What Kinds of Security Systems are Available?

When it comes to keeping family and possessions safe, there are several types of security systems available. Knowing what options are out there will help determine what system is best for any home or business. Some security systems are wireless, while others are wired. Some are made to blend in with room decor, while others are in plain sight. There are even some that are hooked into landline phone systems that trigger call centers when a disturbance is detected.

Wired security systems have been around for many years. They are very reliable, but there is one downfall with them. Since they are wired into the home or business, it is possibly that intruders can cut the wires to it, making the occupants vulnerable.

Wireless security systems are very convenient and can be placed inside or outside of any building. They can be moved quickly and easily when the need arises. This type of system can include motion detectors and cameras. Any movement that comes within the system is recorded by the camera.

Digital security systems require a code to disarm the alarm. If the alarm is not disarmed within a set amount of time, the security system will call for help.

Acoustic sensors can be placed around every window and door in a house. They detect certain sounds such as breaking glass, which alerts the homeowner of possible intruders.

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