What Types of Things Can Trigger the Alarm System?

Many things can trigger a false alarm. It is helpful to be aware of the things that cause this, so you may not panic when your alarm goes off.

Low batteries and faulty equipment can trigger it for simply no reason at all. Also, the sensors could be set to an overly sensitive setting. Electrical problems in the home and poor telephone connection could set the alarm off.

Any movement near the sensors can trigger the alarm. A pet nudging a partially closed door, a spider moving over the sensor, or wind through an open window can be enough to cause a false alarm. Wind, rain, and debris could blow against a door or across an outside sensor and trigger an alarm.

People who are supposed to be in your home may forget about the alarm or use it incorrectly. If someone isn’t aware that it is set and leaves or enters without going through the proper steps, the alarm will go off.

It is wise to check your equipment often for obstructions and required maintenance, and make a routine for everyone in the home to ensure you get the most effective and least scary use of your alarm system.

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